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Dealer Quickstart Guide to working with AMS Financial

Loan Portal Tutorial

Please watch our new training video and tutorial on how to use and navigate our loan portal site. A must see for any new contractors and their sales staff.

New Dealers: Watch this first!

Web Linking Instructions

Tell your customers that you offer financing by adding this badge to your website:

Ask your webmaster to point the link to:, or use this code:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="217" height="200"></a>

After you have added this link please email us a notification with your website page that has the link. Send your notification to:

Dealer FAQs

Is there a sign up fee or dealer application we need to send or complete?
We do not charge a sign up fee and do not have a formal application process for our dealer partners either. We want to make using our programs as easy as possible. In addition since we fund the client directly via a direct deposit to their bank account or a credit card that they are sent we will not need your business financials or any long application process that other finance companies require. You and your customers can start using this site immediately.

How long does it take to get a loan approval?
The most of our loan programs on our loan portal will give an instant approval in 60 seconds or less from the completion and submission of the online application. In some case the 0% programs will require additional time to approve or decline the applicant.

How much is your discount fee?
We do not charge any buy downs or discount fees to the dealer whatsoever.

What types of products can you finance?
There are no restriction on the type of products and services that we can finance. Any product or service that you provide will be financed.

Where do we send the home improvement contract and completion certificate?
The customer is underwritten and funded directly so we do not need to see your sales contract or completion certificate. The client is funded up front and you can make any arrangements that you want to structure payment to your company with the customer.

Can we complete a paper application and then key in the customer’s data back in our office?
Unfortunately not. We need the customer to complete the application on our loan portal so that they can be advised of and agree to the terms of service of the loan or card product. We also have fraud protection measures in place to make sure that the customer is the one completing the application.

How do we insure that we get paid?
We advise our dealer partners to make sure that they get a signed contract and a deposit from the customer so that there is no concern that the dealer will not get paid.

How often do your programs change?
Due to the nature of the banking industry and the large number of products and programs that we offer, we are unable to predict when rates and program parameters will change. The loan portal is dynamic and will always have the most up to date info on each product and program. We suggest you visit the site often to make sure that you are current on all of our best offerings.

How long do you take to fund?
Most loans fund in the 5 day range. The 0% credit card products require 2 days to be set up and 5 days to mail the card to the customer. You must be set up to accept credit cards in order to use the 0% card programs. The cards will be branded as Visa, MasterCard, or Discover depending on the program selected. You will still have to pay the merchant fees that you already pay to your service provider to accept cards.

Can we link to your site from ours?
This is the only requirement that we have to work with us. Doing so will make it easier for your clients and sales staff to find our loan portal and increase the effectiveness of advertising that you offer financing. Please see the instructions on this page to get linking badge and instructions for your webmaster.

Do we need to accept credit cards to use your 0% APR credit card program?
Yes you will need to have a merchant processing account in place in order to accept our 0% APR cards. If you need any help setting that up, we recommend Merchant Warehouse for the best rates for merchant card programs. Please contact them directly at 866-840-5014 for fast and easy set up. If you already accept credit cards and process more than $10,000 per month you may want to get a competitive quote for their no fees processing program to save you money.

Do you offer training for our sales staff?
Our site is set up to be very intuitive and easy for the dealer , their staff members and customer to use. We have a very informative training video that we recommend that you and your sales staff watch before using this program. It can be found on the Dealer Resources page on this site. If you would like additional help or training please let us know.

Please email all questions to