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Should I Get Pre-qualified For A Home Improvement loan?

Posted on March 10, 2011 by Brandon Perry

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Pre-qualification for a swimming pool loan is a topic we are asked to address a lot and I will try to give both sides of the coin when I answer this. In the real estate world most realtors want you to have a pre-qualification letter in hand showing how much home you can afford. This is not necessarily the case when it comes to shopping for a home improvement loan.

Depending on the type, size and scope of your home improvement project you may want to consider how much you “think” you want to spend. To have a general idea of what you think your budget should cost will help the window, siding, kitchen, bath or roofing contractor know where to start the process of working up a bid. Home improvement loans come in all shapes and sizes just like the projects you want to build.

When To Get Pre-Qualified For A Home Improvement Loan

After you have a general idea about what you are looking for and an approximate budget (including down payment amount), now you should reach out to a reputable home improvement financing company. They will be able to steer you in the right direction and help you fine tune your budget and get you pre-qualified for that amount.

When you have a pre-qualification in hand is when it is time to start talking to home improvement dealers and builders. You want to interview the contractors and do your due diligence on their services. Compare the bids as well as the service and warranty that is offered. When you have finally made your decision it is go time. Sign the contract and with unsecured financing that is pre approved in place all you have to do is wait for your project to be completed and start years of enjoyment in your newly remodeled home that was financed fast and easy with unsecured home improvement financing.

About the Author:

Brandon Perry is the Founder and President of AMS Financial Solutions, Inc a consumer finance company serving the home improvement, swimming pool, medical & Dental, Travel and Wedding industries since 2004. AMS partners with thousands of service providers in these verticals to offer a variety of financing programs to their customers. You can find Brandon on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Brandon is an industry expert on consumer finance and has been featured on these topics in many industry trade journals, forums and round tables.

Brandon Perry – who has written posts on Home Improvement Financing Blog.

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